Cleanroom Equipment Supplier in Malaysia

Vicfil Sdn Bhd is an independent and leading source for a cleanroom equipment supplier, designing, building, and construction in Malaysia. Our experience in the cleanroom supply industry is backed with our talented engineering, and exclusive customer service gives us the ability to provide cleanroom design and construct state-of-the-art ISO and industry-compliant cleanroom facilities in Malaysia.

All of our cleanroom design and building projects are done to precision and matches the cleanliness and environmental requirements our clients need. We believe that as a leading cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia, it is important to provide the best to meet our customer’s requirement but also ensure and conform to the government and industry standard for a compliant cleanroom design and build in Malaysia.

We are also recognized as a cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia that carries a wide range of products that are manufactured to precision and distributed nationwide for cleanroom use.


FFU Testing & Commissioning

To ensure our products as a cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia works in a real-time cleanroom setting, we carry out functional testing on each of our FFU (EC or AC) after installation at the site. This ensures it to run as per customer’s requirement as well as meeting the design specification needs for a cleanroom. 


Clean Room Installation Works

Cleanroom equipment installation services are done by us, as we are not only a cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia. Our installation work includes other parts of cleanroom constructions to ensure cleanliness and environmental requirements are met. Our cleanroom design and build service in Malaysia have allowed multiple industries that require cleanroom services to excel in the field. 


Clean Room Air Flow Test

We also carry out airflow tests when designing and constructing a cleanroom to make sure they are within the design specification of a cleanroom. As a cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia, we ensure our air ventilation products carry out its proposed solution by resolving any problems or insufficient airflow during testing. 



The air filters carried by Vicfil as a cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia are used for semiconductor factories, pharmaceutical factories, commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, laboratories, and the food industry.

Our cleanroom design and build service in Malaysia allow for a proper air filter placement to help keep the cleanroom environment at a satisfying level.


These equipment carried by us, the leading cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia are used for semiconductor factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, laboratories and food industry.

Our cleanroom equipment fits perfectly with our cleanroom design and build service in Malaysia to help provide a better workflow for you.


As a cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia, we carry lab furniture and fittings equipment for hospitals and laboratories.

These furniture and fittings are ISO and industry compliant to fit in the cleanroom design and build service we provide in Malaysia.

We promise to offer you, our valuable customers, quality service with all our efforts and dedication to supplying you with qualified products. 

Vicfil Sdn Bhd was established in 2016 as a professional cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia and solution provider for cleanroom equipment, air filters, ceiling-system, and cleanroom accessories. We are experienced in cleanroom design, building, installing, T&C, and marketing in Malaysia. 

We are here to provide cleanroom solutions to customers including cleanroom designing, building, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, product development, and technical support. This is covered for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, hospital operating theatre room, laboratories, optics, and the food and beverage industries. 

Our vision is to become one of the largest cleanroom equipment supplier in Malaysia. We currently supply a wide range of cleanroom products such as filters, cleanroom products, lab furniture, and more.