Leading Cleanroom Products Supplier in Malaysia

Established in 2016, Vicfil Sdn Bhd is a professional solutions provider for cleanroom equipment, air filters, ceiling-system, and cleanroom accessories. Throughout the years, we have accumulated a vast experience in designing, building, installing, T&C and cleanroom marketing as a cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia. 

We take pride in being one of the few companies in Malaysia that supplies, distributes, and manufacturer high-quality custom made cleanroom design as well as cleanroom equipment as a cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia. 

Vicfil takes the role of a leader in designing and constructing state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities that are also industry-compliant. We are proud to be chosen by several clients who are satisfied with our work that matches precise cleanliness and environmental requirements of our customer’s industry requirement that is conformed to the government’s guideline for a cleanroom and ISO standard. 

The most important thing for us is your trust in us, the most influential cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia.

Being the top cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia is an honour and a great responsibility. We provide cleanroom solutions to the customer including designing, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, product developing, and technical support. These all cover the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, hospital operating theatre room, laboratories, optics, as well as the food and beverage industries. 

Our promise to you is our offering of unmatched quality services, complemented with qualified products for your cleanroom needs. 

Our vision is to become one of the largest cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia.

With our innovative engineering and professional sales team has the right and unique ability to address our customer’s needs. Be it for new products or manufacturing techniques, we have got it down to a T.

The team from Vicfil will work with you from the moment you approach us to aftersales, as we are passionate about helping you meet your requirements. As a cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia, we are dedicated to supplying you with outstanding cleanroom equipment and components that are capped at a cost-effective price.

Our team are trained to observe and focus on our customer’s needs and requirements to maintain and continually improve our products and services.

Vicfil’s goal is simple, we want to ensure that all our customers who approach us are satisfied. From the early inception of your project to its final approach, we take full responsibility to give you the best cleanroom facility with quality grade equipment as a cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia.

If there is a product or equipment you need to help enhance your cleanroom needs, you can surely find it at Vicfil.

As a cleanroom products supplier in Malaysia, we currently supply many types of cleanroom products such as filters, cleanroom products, lab furniture, etc.