Cleanroom apparels are required to be lint-free, non-shedding, and is to be worn at all times when working in a controlled environment. Our cleanroom apparels in Malaysia were specially made to be non-shedding and safe to wear in critical areas of the cleanroom laboratory. Some of our customer’s favourite selection for cleanroom apparels are the garments and shoes that are industry-compliant, which are provided in our cleanroom apparels in Malaysia

Our selection of cleanroom apparels in Malaysia as well as other sterile cleanroom garments is picked and evaluated to a T by our staff who are experienced in knowing which is the most suitable one for use. There are certain materials that do not work well for cleanroom apparels as the materials can shed a lot, tears easily, and is not suitable for cleanroom use. This is why we are proud to carry cleanroom apparels in Malaysia.

To ensure that your cleanroom follows the requirement for environmental cleanliness, the right material is needed for your apparel. As we carry cleanroom apparels in Malaysia, we work hard to make sure this is compliant by our clients and during our cleanroom designing. 

If you are working in a Class 100 cleanroom, your coveralls and apparel must be a required Class 100 facility garment. Wearing the wrong protective apparel made from the wrong material in your controlled environment can introduce foreign particles that can compromise your cleanroom and because we carry cleanroom apparels in Malaysia, we want you to comply to industry requirements A – Z. 

The cleanroom apparel requirements of a particular type of cleanroom are part of its air-quality-control practices, which are used to ensure that the room meets its specific requirements of the function for which it was designed and certified for. To ensure we stay as a leading supplier of cleanroom apparels in Malaysia, we make sure our clients are aware of and follow this requirement. 

As a dedicated supplier of cleanroom apparels in Malaysia, we supply a wide range of cleanroom production accessories, clothing, and covering materials. These can be worn with the cleanroom, which requires controlled low levels of contaminants such as dust, microbes, vapours, and aerosol particles.

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