Cleanrooms were designed and constructed in various segments of the industry to keep the level of contamination with particles and/or micro-organisms under a specified limit. For each cleanroom in different industries, we supply a wide range of cleanroom equipment in Malaysia

Due to the growing awareness in the field of purity, industries tend to focus more on the effectiveness of controlling the manufacturing processes. Our ultimate goal as a supplier of cleanroom equipment in Malaysia is to prevent technical components from being the cause of pollution in processes and systems. 

Pollutions can originate from airborne solid particles which can be visible or invisible. These particles are commonly known as aerosols. In order to avoid this type of pollutions, Vicfil carries specific and industry compliant cleanroom equipment in Malaysia that is an important factor in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food industry. 

The purpose of using cleanrooms in various segments of industries is to keep the level of contamination with particles and/or micro-organisms under a specified limit. 

This is why Vicfil takes serious care in carrying cleanroom equipment in Malaysia.

The definitions of these limits are embedded in a diversity of industrial guidelines and standards. The most important sources of contamination are personnel, used materials, (including packing materials), buildings, machinery, air, and raw materials. Our cleanroom equipment in Malaysia is designed to eliminate these foreign objects, ensuring cleanliness and environmental requirement. 

Through the usage of industry-compliant cleanroom equipment, that is carried in our range of cleanroom equipment in Malaysia, you are able to keep the status of your cleanroom sterile. Our range of cleanroom equipment in Malaysia can be used from time to time again across different industries, whether small or large. It will provide you with zero contamination, especially if you are in the critical sector of the food processing business. 

Other cleanroom equipment in Malaysia that we carry can help provide you with a customised solution that also enhances your products portfolio with superior ranking. Lastly, having industry-compliant cleanroom equipment can further give your company a more superior image in the industry.