In this modern world of manufacturing, high-quality contamination control technology has become an increasingly important aspect of the production process for the research and development department. 

Without it, many technological advances in the last twenty years would not have been possible. An air shower is nothing more than a device that is meant to limit the contamination brought into a controlled area such as cleanroom. It works by moving air over the worker at a specific high velocity for a specified time. 

Vicfil’s air shower is industry-compliant and meant for the cleanliness of the cleanroom laboratory. 

Air shower is popular in the manufacturing business because the business requires production that comes with less contamination to avoid infection. With our high-technology air shower, you can rest assured that your workers will be thoroughly cleaned before and after entering a different part of the laboratory.

Before installing your air showers, make sure that you get the complete specifications of the air shower that you are planning to install. Our air showers are industry compliant and comes with a thorough product datasheet to ensure thorough specification details. 

It is also important for you to take note the kind of flooring you use in the room where air enclosure is installed. Poor filtration systems will result in progressively poor performance of your air showers, even when you use our air shower.


Air shower is a specialised enclosed antechamber which is incorporated as entryways of cleanrooms and other controlled environments to reduce particle contamination. 

They utilize high-pressure, HEPA, or ULPA altered air to remove dust, brous-airborne lint and other contaminants from personnel or surfaces of goods efficiently. The forceful ‘cleansing’ of the surfaces before entering a clean environment reduces the number of airborne particulates introduced. 

Our air shower can cleanse and clean personnel and goods, ensuring cleanliness in your cleanroom laboratory. 

When our air shower is properly incorporated into cleanroom designing, they provide an ISO-classified transition room to ensure the cleanliness of the classified cleanroom. 

Vicfil’s air shower is typically placed between a gowning area and cleanroom; after production, workers don’t need to wear an appropriate garb and personal protective equipment as they can enter the air shower so that the pressurised altered air nozzles can remove any residual particles from their coveralls. 

Once the program cycle is complete, users then exit out through a second door and enter the cleanroom. Our air shower may also be installed between two cleanrooms that require different ISO classifications. 

Since air showers are available from many different brands, it is important to know that these various types depend on their varying capabilities. The contamination removal percentage differs from one system to another.

You will need to ensure that the air shower you select meets your specific cleanroom laboratory requirement, this ensures that it provides you with the desired result that you look for.