To those who are not familiar with this product, a fan filter unit or FFU, is a type of motorized air filtering equipment.

It is used to supply purified air to cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities, and other microenvironments. Fan filter unit (FFU) works by removing harmful airborne particles from the recirculating air. In other words, it provides micro-filtered airstream that controls particulate contamination in the cleanroom or the laminar flow clean bench.

Applications of the fan filter unit (FFU) can range from single modules for enclosures up to large-sized cleanrooms with or without an integrated ceiling grid.

The units are installed within the system’s ceiling or floor grid. These units often come with their pre-filter, HEPA filter, and an internally controllable fan air distribution. Fan filter units (FFU) can often be used in a place with a more conventional recirculating air unit such as a ducted or the plenum air system. They often use fan filter units (FFU) due to height restrictions in the space, so they are the only system that works well in setups with smaller internal floor dimensions.


  • Fan filter unit (FFU) is designed for optimum performance and energy saving
  • Easily used modular system to help control the cleanroom level
Fan filter units (FFU) is completely designed for optimum performance and energy-saving purposes. Their easily used modular system can be used to control the cleanroom level. It is designed with the ability to suit all ceiling grid systems. By following all the different need and requirement, it can be easily raised and integrated into any structure and ceiling grid system to upgrade and achieve different cleanroom specifications.