A laminar flow clean bench is an enclosed cabinet designed to prevent contamination of semiconductor products, biological specimens, or any other sensitive particle and materials. Air is flown through a HEPA/ULPA filter to provide a laminar flow cleaned air towards the user. Laminar flow clean bench comes in two configurations: horizontal and vertical, which come in different types of clean benches with various types of airflow patterns.

Laminar flow clean bench may sometimes include a UV-C germicidal lamp as an additional feature, this helps to sterilize the interior and contents before usage to help prevent contamination of experiment.


The laminar flow clean bench is mostly used in a laboratory because it is useful for parts assembly line as well as house processing equipment labs. The workspace of the horizontal laminar flow clean bench is often bathed in a HEPA-filtered horizontal laminar airflow and often used for clinical or pharmaceutical applications or whenever a sterile, particulate-free environment is needed.

The laminar flow clean bench or “hood” serves as a work area with its HEPA-filtered air supply.

The laminar flow clean bench fully protects by capturing room air, then passing the air through a HEPA filter, and directing the filtered air horizontally across the work surface which is at a constant speed towards the user. Filtered air is directed horizontally across the work surface at a constant velocity of 100FPM towards the user.