To reduce the number of times a door is opened, this cleanroom method of using a passbox is used in many laboratories. Passbox also acts as an airlock device that prevents ambient air from entering or clean air from exiting the cleanroom.

The cleanroom passbox comes in variations, features, and sizes. This means that the act of installing the right product is highly important. Here are some things you should know when choosing the right cleanroom pass box for your facility.


Passbox is designed to minimize the traffic and contamination enter into a cleanroom. It is mainly used to transfer parts, tools, and other small-sized work items between higher class and lower class cleanroom.

Passbox is often used in the cleanroom for laboratory especially in manufacturing business to avoid communication and infection from bacteria and so on.

Since purity is the key, Passbox help the business associate to achieve it in the proper and successful way.

  • Passboxes are available in three (3) different types: static, semi-active, and active. The main difference between these three is the ventilation and combination filtering. 
  • Choosing a passbox with flat surfaces makes it easier to clean because it can be easily wiped, saving time and making it easier to maintain.
  • System independent cleanroom passboxes fits into any wall systems.
  • When making a serious investment into purchasing a passbox, durability is a key importance.