In a detailed laboratory planning, it is vital to have appropriate furniture and fitting. Vicfil carries a wide range of lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia that is made purposely for each work station that is designed to the last detail. 

This includes the all-around laboratory planning, beginning from the premises, arrangement, and selection of the appropriate furniture. These are selections are analytical for complete utility supply respectively disposal. Vicfil carries high-quality lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia for this very purpose. 

From the preliminary planning right down to the detailed planning and the execution that comes later in the implementation stage. The basis of the planning begins with assessing the demand which consists of mainly their analytics and working process. Our lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia were made for cleanroom design, planning, and execution. 

Most of the workstations in cleanroom laboratories will have special requirements regarding floor space, space requirements, and utility supply. Our lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia can meet these industry requirements. 

Some other things to be taken into consideration is the air conditioning regarding air circulation and temperature. Vicfil’s lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia can create a more sterile and clean working environment, no matter your industry. Another consideration is the extraction of developing vapours, or the evacuation of heat development, and the observation of safety regulation of air purity. 

We aim to provide the most compliant lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia for cleanroom laboratories in any industry. 


In a detailed laboratory planning, these things are recognized and each work station needs to be designed completely to the last detail. That is why our lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia is worked into a detailed technical description. 2D and 3D drawings will be issued to ensure complete understanding of the importance of our supply of lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia.

Likewise, a visualisation or a work station animation can be created to give a more in-depth view of the furniture and fittings. It is important to ensure that the safety precaution is already put up to the government and industry standard to prevent any unwanted circumstances. 

Other than that, the spaces and furniture needed to be arranged accordingly can avoid any unwanted accident during the whole working day for the team. 

Our lab furniture and fittings in Malaysia are industry-compliant and can help you achieve a more conducive cleanroom environment for your company and workers.